Steve R.

by Marc on December 13, 2008

Injury Paralysis

I walked in to Dr. Santucci’s office with paralysis, parasthesia, and loss of most of the musculature of my left arm.  I was loosing control of the function of the arm. After years of construction work I thought I was finished. I was in bad shape.  I went to my doctor who did not know what was wrong with me.  They said that I could do some PT or use pain killers.  I did not want to use drugs or have surgery.

I had heard about the work Dr Santucci was doing with Brain-Based Therapy with serious injuries and I went to his office to be evaluated.  Dr Santucci did a complete physical and neurological exam on me to find out what was wrong with my arm.  He found problems with the nerves which come from my neck and feed into the upper arms.   He researched the possibilities and showed me pictures of what he thought was wrong.

We went to work right away with a specific goal in mind.   Within two weeks, I was getting stronger and the arm was moving a little.  After 8 weeks the muscle was returning.  Dr. Santucci told me he would try to fix me and he did. I’m three months into the treatment and no one believes me when I tell them how bad of shape I was in.  I am a true believer.

Steve R.

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