Statement of Purpose

Restore health by putting the brain back in charge in order to increase cognition, general adaptive potential and physical function. Design individualized programs of care to accommodate the range of patients from the very sick to the robust and dedicated.

Employ active and integrative care in a web of therapy and exercise that accomplishes patient goals.  Emphasize the brain-body connection with active motion and targeted progressive exercise.

Integrate both analytical and common sense frameworks in order to provide responsible and rapid solutions to patient issues. Employ evidenced-based diagnostics and procedures whenever possible in an effort to quantify and provide milestones.

Provide human touch with Chiropractic adjustments, massage and exercise as appropriate to promote cellular repair, neuroplasticity and improved neuroproprioceptive feedback for our patients.

Continue to seek out better solutions to patient problems. Retain life-long learning in order to integrate state of the art treatment protocols.

If you would like to see if BRAIN-BASED CARE might help you or a loved one contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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