Leah P.

by Marc on December 8, 2008

Digestion and Sciatica

As a young dancer, my body has to be in pristine condition. The demands are significant and I have put strain on my frame and muscles for years.

I was having low back pain accompanied by nausea and vertigo which prevented me from dancing. Dr Santucci spent enough time with me to get to the cause of all my problems and put together a treatment plan which addressed my low back and my neck and shoulder, as well as my digestion and vertigo.

After treating for 3 weeks with DRX decompression and adjustments, I no longer have low back pain and many of my other symptoms had subsided. We are addressing the biochemical aspects of my issues now and I am not even 75% done with my treatment, but I can already feel the difference.

Being new in the profession, I was worried about money. The staff at The Wellness Pros put together a financial plan I could afford and be comfortable with.

Leah P.

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