Defined as:

  • Problems in self –regulation with an impairment in higher order cognitive processes known as executive function.
  • High co-morbidity with learning disorders such as reading, math and written expression.
  • ADD patients may demonstrate distractibility and problems with impulse control.

Development Disorders

ADD –                  Attention Deficit Disorder
ADHD –                Hyperactive
OCD –                 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
ASPERGERS –    Affects Motor function
AUTISM –             Social Impairment
PDD NOS –          Persuasive Development Disorder (not otherwise specified)

Therapies Used for Brain Activation

Testing for Serotonin, Dopamine and Acetylcholine levels

  • Laboratory Analysis

*Anitbody Gliaden Testing for Celiac disease
*Comprehensive Digestive Testing for Intestinal Permeability, Dysbiosis and Metabolism
*Food Allergy Testing
*Toxicity Tests
*Adrenal Function for Stress
*Mitochondrial Function Test for Energy Conversion

  • Visual Stimulation & Imagery

INTERACTIVE METRONOME for Brain retrainment in Learning Deficiencies.  Develops synchronicity between motor and cognitive functions.

Our Evaluation of the Brain- Based ADD Patient

  1. Screening Exam – Cerebellar Hemisphericy
  2. Comprehensive Health History – Inflammation
  3. Neurotransmitter Evaluation – Serotonin, Dopamine and Acetylcholine Levels
  4. Comprehensive Neurological Exam – Cortex
  5. Blood Chem Analysis – Inflammation / Organ function
  6. Functional Laboratory Tests Digestion/Celiac/Gluten/Allergies/NTs/Adrenal/Metabolic

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